Arul and Shalisha’s Richmond Wedding

There are a few things that make Richmond a great choice of location for your wedding. It is easy to get around on foot.  If you are up for the exercise and have time up your sleeve, it offers a historic country scenic backdrops. Richmond is relatively void of people later on a Saturday afternoon and is reasonably close to Hobart and reception venues such as Barilla Bay. The perfect place if you are a Richmond Wedding Photographer

Here are some images captured at Arul and Shalisha’s Richmond Wedding. We walked from St Luke’s, took a few shots outside of the historic Richmond gaol then on to the nearby park with more historic buildings. A short stroll from the park leads to another park and the classic Richmond vista of the bridge and surrounds …. of historic buildings. You actually need to spend a few days there for photography to ensure that you have your bases covered 🙂