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CASA Accredited Drone Photographer Tasmania

Aerial photography and video adds a dynamic perspective well suited for Scenic Locations, Construction sites, Architecture, Public, Private estates, Corporate Assets and Real Estate.

Achieving low level angles not possible from the ground makes the drone one of my favourite imaging tools.

Images from previous assignments have been utilised by clients for Building Awards, Website and Social Media Marketing, Community information, Advertising and promotion, Tourism marketing, Private use, Historical records, and other Commercial Photography applications.

I currently operate a multi-rotor Phantom 4 Advanced Plus. It delivers excellent 20mp stills and 4k video footage suitable for most low level aerial imaging assignments below 120m.

Photography from a helicopter may be necessary in other situations such as, when the altitude required is over 120m, long flight times, vicinity of controlled airports and other practical reasons. Helicopter charter is quoted and billed at cost price for aerial photography in Tasmania. The aircraft, pilots and service of Helicopter Resources Tasmania are my ‘go to’ suppliers.

Commercial Drone pilots must be approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and follow air safety regulations.
My CASA certifications include
RePL (Remote Pilot Licence)
AROC (Aeronautical Radio Operator Certificate)
Aviation Reference Number: (ARN) 1078088
Public liability insurance

Paul Redding – Aerial Photographer Tasmania

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Ovata Gardens
LMS Energy
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