Paul Redding Photographer

Professional Photography Services

I am a technically trained professional photographer with decades of industry experience, based in Hobart, Tasmania.

My mission is to deliver high-quality images that bring expertise and creativity to every project, showcase your brand professionally, on time delivery, within budget, while keeping disruptions to a minimum.

Welcome to my website, where I proudly present a diverse portfolio that spans various photographic genres, including portraits, business events, corporate projects, commercial campaigns, architectural wonders, captivating workplace scenes, stunning aerial shots, industrial settings, product photography, and mesmerising time-lapse videos.

If you are in need of an exceptional professional photographer, look no further.

I am dedicated to capturing the essence of your assignment with precision, artistry, and professionalism.

Would you like to discuss your upcoming photography requirements?

I’m happy to send you a free photography quote for your consideration.

Please supply as much information about the photography assignment as posible such as

Photography subject, Estimated time schedule, Location, Desired outcome and deliverables.