Jewellery Photography | Francesca -Hobart

Crisp and clean¬†jewellery photography was the brief for Francesca’s Noir Diamond rings, Ear rings and Pendants. This was achieved with ¬†appropriate lighting, macro photography and focus stacking to capture the entire ring in piece in focus. Jewellery is one of the more difficult products to photograph. Aside from the size, there is more to consider in regards to lighting the product. Shiny and curved metal surfaces are particularly challenging as they reflect light from every angle. The closer that the camera is to the subject, the larger it appears reflections. It is also important to capture images that exclude reflections of the photographer.

Jewellery photography of gem stones presents other lighting challenges due to the may facets of the stone, it’s reflective, refractive and transmission qualities.

The jewellery piece need to be dust and finger print free. This is not entirely possible, but does reduce time in post production removing them from the image.

The reflections and shadows were created in post production.

© Paul Redding Photographer 2017