INSURANCE ADVISERNET AUSTRALIA Conference 2015 Gala Dinner Photography

Here are a few images selected from the Gala Dinner Photography set, taken at the IAA Gala dinner and awards presentation 2015.

Location:  Hotel Grand Chancellor

The theme,  Las Vegas! Entertainment on the night was performances by the Rat Pack and the Lisa Hunt Band.

For myself, the highlight of the IAA Conference 2015 was shooting the Gala dinner photography. Everyone attending had a great time and got right into the Las Vegas theme. The room was full of Elvis’s, Show girls, Cowboys and Gangsters. The awards and guest speakers added all emotions to a fun filled evening.

Con-Sol did a fabulous job putting this conference together.

I was also involved in capturing other elements of the conference such as the Pre Conference Welcome Dinner at Frogmore Creek, The Golf Day at the Tasmanian Golf Club – Barilla Bay, Plenary Sessions at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Hobart and the Trade Show and Dinner at PW1.

Gala Dinner Photography by Paul Redding, Conference Photographer Hobart.

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