Norske Skog Boyer  PM2 Conversion –  Time Lapse Photographer Paul Redding

A paper mill would have to be one of the most complicated pieces of machinery I have ever had the pleasure of photographing. Part of the Norske Skog Boyer PM2 (Paper Machine 2) conversion, for production of light weight coated paper, was the installation of a new paper winder and a crane to handle the weight of over 50t to lift it into place. This $84M project was no mean feat. When complete, the Boyer mill will be producing Light Weight Coated paper for the Australian catalogue market, which uses 300,000 tonnes LWC paper annually. They will be the only manufacturers of LWC in Australia at a time when manufacturing has shrunk so much and is spiralling across the country. Did I mention that Boyer is in Tasmania?  🙂 Fabulous engineering, demolition, construction and team effort. It was the perfect subject for time lapse capture. Paul Redding – Paper Mill and Time lapse Photographer Hobart Tasmania

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