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Housing Industry Association – HomeFest 2021

Venue: Princes Wharf Shed 1 in Hobart, Tasmania

Trade Show Photographer Hobart

As a professional Hobart trade show photographer specializing in expo photography, I have the privilege of capturing the energy and excitement of various events. One such remarkable event was the HIA HomeFest 2021 held at Princes Wharf Shed 1 in Hobart, Tasmania. This building and lifestyle trade show took place on August 28th and 29th and was an incredible showcase of the latest trends and innovations in home and renovation products and services.

About the HIA HomeFest 2021

The HIA HomeFest 2021 featured over one hundred exhibitors and attracted an impressive ten thousand visitors. It was an immersive experience, highlighting vibrant displays, engaging demonstrations, and the valuable interactions between exhibitors and attendees. As an expo photographer, my primary goal was to capture the essence of this event and preserve the memorable moments.

In Covid Times

Despite the challenges posed by Covid restrictions, the enthusiasm of both visitors and exhibitors remained undeterred. Face masks were worn by everyone inside the venue, ensuring the safety of all participants. The resilience and determination of the attendees made the event even more special.

Capturing the Highlights

From the event’s opening to its conclusion, I meticulously documented the trade show, ensuring no precious moment was missed. I focused on capturing the highlights that showcased the exhibitors and their products. Whether it was the latest smart home technology or innovative designs for outdoor living spaces, I aimed to encapsulate the essence of HomeFest 2021.

Promoting Exhibitors and the Event

The images I captured were provided to the exhibitors for their own promotional materials. Additionally, the Housing Industry Association (HIA), the organizer of the event, also utilized these high-quality photographs to promote HomeFest 2021 to a wider audience. By offering visually captivating images, I aimed to assist the exhibitors in showcasing their products and services in the best possible light.

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