Celebrating Excellence: Highlights from the HIA CSR Housing Awards 2019

By Paul Redding – Industry Awards Photographer Hobart

The HIA CSR Housing, Kitchen, and Bathroom Awards held in 2019 were a special occasion that recognised the remarkable achievements in the Tasmanian housing industry. An integral part of the event was the presence of the industry awards photographer, Paul Redding, whose skilful captures beautifully encapsulated the essence of the evening. From photographing award winners off stage with a small studio lighting setup and the HIA media wall, to showcasing captivating ground based and aerial images of some winning entries on the big screens, Redding’s photographs brought some of the entrants and category winners achievements to life.

Paul Redding, as the official industry awards photographer for the event, captured the moments of triumph experienced by the award winners off stage. Utilizing a small studio lighting setup and the HIA media wall, he ensured that these moments were beautifully preserved for everyone to cherish.

Projection of Excellence:

A feature of the awards night was the projection of Paul Redding’s stunning ground based photographs and aerial images on the big screens. These visuals showcased the exceptional work of some entrants and category winners, allowing the audience to fully appreciate their talent and dedication. The projected images provided a vivid glimpse into the meticulous craftsmanship, innovative designs, and attention to detail that made these projects stand out.

Adding Depth and Insight:

The aerial images of a selected winning entries offered a unique perspective, providing additional depth and insight into the projects.

Amazing Paul, once again you nailed it.
Thanks so much.

Danita Bond

Events and Partnerships Manager, Housing Industry Association - Tasmania

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