Aurora Australis and other night sky effects by Paul Redding Photographer Tasmania.

Catching aurora australis is one of my favourite photographic pass times. Light dances across the sky in sheets, shafts and ripples. Some times, the light is bright enough to read by. The colours recorded are shades of green, red, yellow, magenta and blue. It just happens that the best close location to capture images of the storm, is by the Huon River. The reflections add balance to the what I am trying to achieve and as an added bonus, the aquatic wildlife seems to come out to enjoy the light show as well. More often than not, I’ll get to watch a water rat searching for crabs in the shallow water, near the bank of the river. One night, there was a seal playing about in the glassy water and large trout sleep very close to the river bank, in the shallows. That is until the spot light hits them, then they are jumping every where. I intend to keep adding images to this page of the auroras and other interesting things in the night sky that I manage to photograph. I hope you enjoy them. If you feel inspired to purchase a print, please let me know.

Copyright – Paul Redding Photographer