TravelBytes Corporate Head Shots

Corporate head shots help put names to faces when used on company websites, LinkedIn or FaceBook. They are used to personalise emails, for internal ID and employee history, Annual Reports and documents.

It can be a challenge to organise corporate portraiture of key people when office locations are across the country or globe.Conferences can give the perfect opportunity for corporate head shots. Key people and delegates are brought together for a few days. If scheduled properly, their portraits can be professionally done with a certain quality of lighting , background and style.

Using a white backdrop gives greater flexibility for matching portraits taken on different days or locations if some delegates miss on the day of photography. A white back drop is versatile and has a clean look. These images can be used in many ways such background replacement or floating images.

TravelBytes recently had their conference in Hobart . The venue, Henry Jones Art Hotel IXL on the water front at Constitution Dock.The brief was to set up studio lighting and capture corporate portraits and a group photograph of the delegates over a two hour window of opportunity.

As some delegates had just arrived by aircraft after many hours of travel, JJ had the honour of hair and makeup touch ups.

It all came together well inspite of the power being cut for a while.

Good humour made for a great shoot. At the end of the mildly serious stuff, everyone was encourage ‘to ham it up’. We had quite a bit of fun with that. The portraits on the left hand side are the finals. I couldn’t help stripping the funny stuff next to them. 😉

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The pics are great, thank you! We all got to have a look yesterday before leaving. Please thank JJ also, she made us all look amazing!

Michelle Gibson

General manager, TravelBytes

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